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“Empowered by the Spirit”


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inspirational presentation relative to private revelations

“This program invites you to explore the outpouring of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that today more and more people are experiencing.
We will explore these spirit’s gifts through spiritual discernment.
This discernment is grounded in sacred scripture and the magisterium, and is articulated in the writings of the church’s mystics …”

Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi Ph.D
Graduate Pontifical University Rome
Radio Maria
Learn to live in The Divine Will
The Divine Will in a nutshell
Divine Will, Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi
The Divine Will
Living in the Divine Will
The Gift of Living in the Divine Will
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inspirational presentations based on private revelations

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“We are sure that this message will help people to understand
the deep tenderness the Father has for each one of us,
and we hope that it will receive the widest possible circulation.”

Fr. Andrea D’Ascanio, OFM Cap

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The Father Speaks to His Children


Gerhard Cardinal Muller

“Highly quotable, and an excellent summary of the faith”

Bishop Thomas Tobin
Gerhard Cardinal Müller, former Head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, released a document entitled “Manifesto of Faith” in February 2019. Within this document, Cardinal Muller clearly summarized the eternal truths of our Catholic faith in beautiful and uplifting language.